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HT18 Mini Excavator

HT18 Mini Excavator Kubota engine--low fuel consumption and guaranteed quality

HT18 Mini Excavator Description

HT18 Mini Excavator  Description:

High working efficiency: The radius of rotation is small. In the case of limited working space, the operator does not need to consider obstacles on the construction site to hinder the rotation of the excavator, so that the operator can focus on the operation of the bucket, which greatly improves the work effectiveness.

HT18 Mini Excavator  Features:  

1. The standard configuration of this excavator includes the boom side swing function.Deflection angle (Left/Right):35°

2. This machine This machine is equipped with a plunger motor with high and low speed functions. Low speed can provide more powerful power when the excavator is climbing, high speed is suitable for normal driving.

HT18 Mini Excavator Advantages

1,Hydraulic pilots

2,Kubota engine--low fuel consumption and guaranteed quality

3,Boom swing


5,Rubber track---gear transmission, strong grip

6,Handstand arm

7,throttle valve


9,Add oil drain pipe for travel motor and swing motor

HT18 Mini Excavator Parameter

HT18 Mini Excavator Parameter
Overal size
(Overal legnth)A 4325/1655
(Overall width)B 1100
(Upper width)D 990
(Overall height)C 2272
(Standard track shoe width)F 180
(Track Gauge)G 920
(Min.ground clearance)H 119
(Tail turning radius)I 790
(Track ground length)J 1050
(Track length)K 1545
performance parameter
(Working weight)(KG) 1500KG
(Bucket capacity)M^3 0.02
(Power) 10.2KW/2500RPM
(swing speed) 12RMP
(Gradeability) 30degrees
Working Range
(Max digging height)a 2580
(Max.unloading height)b 1637
(Max. digging depth)c 2060
(Max. digging distance)d 3160
(Min.turning radius) e 1711
(Max. height at minimum turning radius)f 2048
Boom swing Angle(left)° 75
Boom swing Angle(right)° 45
Main parts
Engine Kubota D722; KOOP 292
Main vavel Beifang

HT18 Mini Excavator Parameter