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CNMC Machinery ushers in a good start for this year's Spring Festival mini-holiday

Views : 259 Update time : 2024-03-09

Spring Festival does not close, for this year's Spring Festival holiday, CNMC Machinery's Ali International Station store got a good start. We started the year with a salesman, we harvested more than 1.4 million in sales, of which the largest single order reached one million.

CNMC Machinery is a subsidiary of HIGHTOP Group and a well-known enterprise in Shandong Province doing construction machinery such as excavators and loaders, and the million dollar order taken by this salesman is for forklifts and handling trucks purchased by a Brazilian dealer.

During the Spring Festival vacation, the company made the work plan in advance. Pre-sales guarantee service, production guarantee safety, after-sales guarantee reputation.

During the Spring Festival inquiry, the sales staff still follow up the inquiry order as usual, and respond to the customer's questions in time to ensure that the first time and the customer to get communication, not miss the opportunity to close the deal. Due to the large number of orders, production time is tight, the production staff to strengthen the study of production safety knowledge, to ensure that the holiday in the case of ensuring safety, quality and quantity of production. The company also specialized in arranging on-duty staff shipments to ensure normal delivery of orders. For after-sales service, the company arranged online and offline after-sales personnel to take turns on duty, to ensure that the holiday period to solve customer problems in a timely manner.

As the company has more employees, some colleagues are far away from their hometowns, so the salesmen have actively participated in the duty, hoping that 2024 is a good harvest year.