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The role of small road rollers in earthwork or oil surface compaction

Views : 1787 Update time : 2022-01-24

Small-scale road rollers mainly refer to compaction machines of more than 3 tons and less than 10 tons. They are mainly divided into single-drum and double-drum rollers in structure. In recent years, rubber rollers of about 5 tons and hollow or solid bump rollers have appeared one after another. , The basic system solves the compaction problem of earthwork, gravel, sand and gravel mixture and oil surface.

In view of the overall structure of the small road roller, no matter which field it is used for compaction, it basically plays the role of an auxiliary. Afterwards, when encountering green belts or sidewalk sections, a 3-ton double-drum road roller will be used in conjunction with the need to welt or close the side and compaction.

Up to now, China has a large number of rural infrastructures that need to be upgraded. During the process of laying narrow roads or roads, it is inevitable to meet the needs of trench backfilling or water conservancy projects. The vibration of micro-small single drums under 10 tons can play its advantages. Backfilling and compaction can be performed for trenches with a width of 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters, but the thickness is not recommended to exceed 25 cm.

Comprehensive consideration, no matter whether it is earthwork, gravel, sand, or oil surface, there is room for miniature road rollers, mainly walk-behind and ride-on. It is necessary to reasonably match construction machinery. For example, a mini crawler excavator of about 3 tons can be considered for the renovation of aqua toilets or ditching, and a single-drum or double-drum road roller can be considered for road compaction, and suitable machinery and equipment can be selected according to the budget. For the better, under the influence of the epidemic, it is not recommended for bosses to rush for quick success.