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What To Do When The Small Excavator Loses Speed? Do This, Easy To Solve

Views : 1704 Update time : 2022-06-08

Small excavators have the advantages of small size and flexible steering, and can be used in a variety of narrow working spaces. Many limited working spaces can choose small excavators. Various problems are unavoidable in the use of small excavators, such as speed drop problems, so let’s analyze the causes of speed drop of small excavators.

1.Cause excavator speed to be too slow, because the clearance of solenoid valve is too large, which causes insufficient oil supply, thus causing engine to slow down.

2.It is suggested to check whether the oil is deteriorated and check whether there are impurities in the oil collection product and whether the oil pipeline is blocked.

3.The poor quality of fuel or the high content of fuel water in the engine will result in insufficient power and speed drop of small agricultural excavator engine.

4.In addition, incorrect valve clearance of excavator, wrong injection timing, damaged turbocharger, etc., will cause speed drop.

To solve the problem of small excavator speed drop, we can investigate from the following aspects, find out the root cause of the problem, apply medicine to the case and solve the problem. Today’s content is shared with you, and you are welcome to make valuable suggestions.